brainstorming-business-plan-close-up-908295 (1)In the rat race that is our capitalistic society, making money and enough of it is a critical motivator for a lot of people. As young adults expected to go to college, have new cars and fancy things money can often be in short supply. Whether you want some extra cash to pay off debt, buy those new shoes or save for an upcoming vacation here are some things you can do to try to increase your income.

Invest in Yourself

Investing in yourself whether it is through developing a skill or talent, taking a class online or going to college; By developing your skills or getting certifications you become more marketable in the workforce compared to those who are less qualified than you. One easy way to polish up your forgotten skills is by taking an online course; There are many sites out there that provide training on thousands of skills but my favorite is Skillshare. With over 18,000 classes, you’re almost guaranteed to find a class that suits you and your skills to help make you more marketable!

Get a Part-Time Job

Everyone always says time is money. Who knew they were right?! Your time is worth something and that worth may be different to different people. If you are willing and able to sacrifice your time, a part-time job may be a short-term and semi-easy way to increase your income. Whether you have a job or are going to school, a part-time job could provide a little extra gravy to reduce your money worries.

Sell Your Junk

Too much junk in the trunk? The house? The Car? Sell it! If you’ve got things lying around that you never use any more platforms like Facebook Market Place, Craigslist, Mercari or Offer Up could help you trade your stuff for extra cash. Whether it is clothes, toys, things etc. there is almost always a marketplace to sell on. Not only will you be de-cluttering your stuff but you’ll also be picking up a little extra income along the way.

Start your Own Small Business

If you have a marketable skill, qualification or grand idea it might be time to start your own businesses. Whether your business is something like tutoring, babysitting or finally starting your dream business there may be a potential to capitalize (take advantage of) your opportunities.

Be aware that this may involve some investment capital (money) but it doesn’t necessarily have to. Services like craigslist provide a free forum to market your services like babysitting or tutoring. If you do meet with anyone from the internet from sites like craigslist be sure to do so in a safe manner. Therefore, there are ways to start your own “small business” without major costs (expenses).

From a young age, I started tutoring children to make some extra cash in addition to my part-time job. I advertise my service on Craigslist, posted my google voice phone number online (not my personal phone number) and met customers in a public place. Over time I eventually began my tutoring service making way more than any minimum wage job could offer. While you may have to put in extra time, energy and potentially a little bit of money into your businesses it can be a fairly easy way to earn more than the majority of minimum wage jobs.

Go to College

According to the National Center for Education young adults who work full time are associated with higher median salaries than those who only graduated high school. In 2015 the median earnings of young adults with a bachelor’s degree ($50,000) were 64 percent higher than those of young adult who had only completed high school ($30,500). College may seem daunting and expensive especially with the number of students with student loan debt. Over time, your degree could pay off with the extra income increase that sometimes comes with a college degree.