bag-bags-bargain-5956 (1)Tired of your college expenses killing your income? Here are a few tips to save here and there on everyday items that add up over time. In my experience, I’ve found that often the money-saving alternatives often end up being eco-friendly too – win-win! By being mindful of what you buy, use, and disregard you can save your wallet and the planet simultaneously.

Paper Towels

Skip the paper towels! I don’t know about you but when I used to use paper towels, we’d go through about one roll a week if not more; A roll of paper towels can range in price but are generally around $1.25 per roll which can add up quickly over time. I’ve switched over to using dish towels to avoid the disposable wasteful paper towels; They work just fine for drying hands, dishes and some spills. While they may be a cheap initial investment, they pay off over time. Be sure to wash them frequently to prevent the growth of bacteria.


Many college students opt for paper plates and plastic utensils to avoid doing the dishes. Not only is this wasteful it can also be expensive. A cheap dish set from ikea runs about $20 and will last practically until you break it! It may be extra effort to wash dishes, but it helps the environment by not being wasteful while saving your wallet in the long run.


By cooking at home and avoiding take out you can save yourself a lot of money. While it may take more time, cooking for yourself can be a rewarding and fun experience. Not only will you have control over what you cook and how you cook it, but you avoid delivery fees and up charges by cooking at home.  Cooking is also a valuable life skill that is relevant throughout life; Why not start learning now? Also, if you’d like to save even more use Tupperware instead of cheap disposable plastic bags!

These are only a select few ways to save; By making small changes you can save your wallet and often the environment. I’ve found that often disposable products end up being expensive and wasteful. Mindfully shopping can pay off in the long run!